Sommer Farris

HI! My name is Sommer, some call me Sunni, some call me Sunshine and some people call me things not worth repeating ;-) But no matter what you call me... I love you! I love you because you are amazing and uniquely you! I KNOW you are because I only attract amazing people... and here you are!

  It is my #1 goal in life for everyone to realize how awesome they really are and to feel this in their soul and let it shine out on the world. It has been my own journey and it is the one that I share with you... We ALL share with each other.

I am a certified health coach , hypnotherapist and metaphysical healer. I believe in the power of your mind and the power of your heart and using them both to heal your life and bring about the best things in the world because when we become our best selves it makes the world a better place. 

I created Curvy Girl Excursions because I had a best friend that I did everything with and 3 years ago she followed her dream and moved to Tennessee. I was happy for her but I realized how hard it could be to have and make friends as an adult and as a psychology major I know how important friendships and socializing is to our mental well being, especially for women. With Curvy Girl Excursions we get to make new, lasting friendships and try all types of new things together! Come join us!